83 no 5 pp1051 1064 fielding h 1751 an enquiry into

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Unformatted text preview: t; Journal of Economic Perspectives, vol. 3, no. 3, Summer 1989, pp. 153-164, reprinted in Dorfrnan, R Economic Theory and Public Decisions, 1997, Edward Elgar Duggan, C. 1970, Canon Law in Medieval England, 1982 Variorum reprint, London 363 Dworkin, R. 1977, Taking Rights Seriously, London, Duckworth Books Dworkin, R. 1979, "Why Efficiency?", [1979-80] 8 Hofstra Law Review 563-590 Dworkin, R. 1980, "Is Wealth a Value?" [1980] 9 Journal of Legal Studies 191 Edelman, J. 2000, "Judicial Discretion in Australia", Australian Bar Review vol 19 2 April 2000, 2000 A B R Lexis 10 Eisenberg, M.A. 1988, The Nature of the Common Law, Harvard University Press Ekelund, R. B. and Hebert, R. F. 1983, A History of Economic Theory and Method, McGraw-Hill Elvin, D. and Karas, J. 1995, Unlawful Interference With Land, Sweet and Maxwell Epstein, R. A. 1980, "The Static Conception of the Common Law", 9 Journal of Legal Studies, pp. 253-289 Epstein R. 1982, "The Social Consequences to Common Law Rules", (1982) 95 Harvard Law Review \1\1 Eves, H. 1980, Great Moments in Mathematics (Before 1650), Mathematical Association of America Fanning, W. H. W. 1908, "Ecclesiastical Canons", The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1908 vol Ill, 1999 online edition at http ://www.ne wad vent, org/cathen/03 287a. htm Feldthusen, B. P. 1991, "Pure Economic Loss", Negligence after Murphy v. Brentwood D.C. : papers presented at a seminar held by the Legal Research Foundation at the University of Auckland on 7 March, 1991 Fetter, F. W. 1975, "The Influence of Economists in Parliament on British Legislati from Ricardo to John Stuart Mill", [1975] Journal of Political Economy, vol. 83, no. 5, pp.1051-1064 Fielding, H. 1751, An enquiry into the Late Increase of Robbers, with some Proposal Remedying this Growing Evil, in Henley, W . E. (ed.), 1903, The Complete Works of Henry Fielding, L ondon Press Fifoot, C. H. S. 1936, Lord Mansfield, Oxford, Clarendon Press Fifoot, C. H. S. 1949, History and Sources of the Common Law: Tort and Contract, London, Stevens and Sons Limited Finn, P.D. 1992, Essays on Damages, Sydney, Law Book Company Fisher, I. 1969, "Income and Capital", in Parker, R. H. and Harcourt, G. C. (eds.) Readings in the Concept of Measurement of Income, Cambridge University Press, pp. 3353 364 Fitzgerald PJ, 1966, Salmondon Jurisprudence, 12th edition, Sweet and M axwell Flemming, J. G. 1989, "Probabilistic Causation in Tort Law", (1989) Canadian Bar Review 661 Fletcher, G. P. 1996, Basic Concepts of Legal Thought, Oxford University Press Fonseca, G. 2000, "The Opportunity Cost Doctrine," John Hopkins University, History of Economic Thought, John Hopkins University Press, online http://cepa.newschool.edu/het/essavs/margrev/oppcost.htm Fonseca, G. 2002, "A Short Biography of Leon WA.L.R.as (1834-1910)" John Hopkins University, History of Economic Thought, John Hopkins University Press, online http://www.econ.ihu.edU/people/fonseca/wA.L.R.as/wA.L.R.bio.htm Fortescue, A. 1912, "The Eastern Schism" The Catholic Encyclopedia 1999 online edition at http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/13535a.htm Foxe, J. 1974, Foxe 's Book of Martyrs Marie King edition, Fleming Revell Company Fuller, L. and Purdue, W. R. 1946, "The Reliance Interest in Contract Damages" (1946) 46 Yale Law Journal 5 2 Fulton, E. D. Lyon, J. N. Bray, R. C. 1973, Law Reform Commission of British Columbia, Report on Debtor-Creditor Relationships [ LRC12], (Project N o. 2), Vancouver B .C. Furmston, M.P. 1991, Cheshire, Fifoot and Furmston's Law of Contract 12 edition Butterworths Garrison, F. H. 1929, An Introduction to the History of Medicine, 4th edition, W. B. Saunders C ompany, 1963 reprint Gaughan, P. A. 1993, "Economic and Financial Issues in Lost Profit Litigation", in Gaughan, P.A., and Thornton, R. J. 1993, Litigation Economics, Connecticut, JAI Press Inc. Gide, C, and Rist, C. 1915, A History of Economic Doctrines, 2nd ed., 1948 reprint, George Harrap & C omp., Richards' translation Gieysztor, A. 1987, "Trade and Industry in Eastern Europe before 1200", The Cambridge Economic History of Europe, v olume 2, 2 n d edition, Cambridge University Press Gillies, P. 1988, Australian Evidence Cases and Commentary, Butterworths Gillies, P. 1991, Law of Evidence in Australia, 2nd ed., Legal Books Gitman, L. J. 1974, Principles of Managerial Finance, New York, Harper and Row 365 Glaeser, E. L. and Scheinkman, J. 1998, "Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be: A n Economic Analysis of Interest Restrictions and Usury Laws," [1998] 41 Journal of Law and Economics, N o. 1, (April 1998), pp. 1-36 GofT, [Lord Goff of Chieveley] and Jones, G. 1993, The Law of Restitution, 4th editio London, Sweet and Maxwell Goldberg, L. 1952, "Some Early Australian Accounting Records," Littleton A. C, and Y amey, B . S. 1978, Studies in the History ofAccounting, Arno Press, pp. 32...
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