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Unformatted text preview: Causation, Oxford, Clarendon Press Magennis, B. and Freedman, D. 1990, "Breach of Contract" in BLEC (Business Law Education Centre) 1990, Assessing Damages, February 1990 Seminar, Sydney Maital, S. 1982, Minds, Markets, and Money, New York, Basic Books 370 Mailand, F. W . 1889, Select Pleas in Manorial Courts, London, Selden Society Maitland, F. W. 1909, Forms of Action at Common Law: A Course of Lectures Chaytor and Whittaker (eds.), 1936 edition, Cambridge University Press Malone, T. E. 1979, "Considering Inflation in Calculating Lost Future Earnings," Washburn Law Journal, volume 18, (1979) p. 499-511 Mann, F.A. 1982, The Legal Aspect of Money, 4th edition, Oxford, Clarendon Press, Mann, F. A. 1985, "On Interest, Compound Interest, and Damages", [1985] 101 Law Quarterly Review 30, [ 101 LQR 30], pp. 30-47 Mann, F. A. 1989, "Interest as Damages", [1989] 105 Law quarterly Review pp. 344-3 Mann, F. A. 1992, The Legal Aspect of Money, 5th edition, Clarendon Press Markowitz, M. 1952, "The Utility of Wealth", Journal of Political Economy, vol. L No. 2, April 1952, pp. 151-158 Mason, a. 1987, "Future Direction in Australian Law", (1987) 13 Monash University Law Review 149 Mason, A. Sir 1993, "Changing the Law in a Changing Society" The Australian Law Journal V ol 67, (1993) pp. 568-574, [67 A.L.J. 568] Mason, K. and Carter, J. W. 1995, Restitution Law in Australia, Butterworths Stude Edition Mayanja, J. 2002, "No-shop, No-talk and Break-up Fee Agreements in Merger and Takeover Transactions: the Case for a Fresh Regulatory Approach", 14 Australian Journal of Corporate Law; A J C L Lexis 1 McCloskey, D. N. 1988, "The Rhetoric of Law and Economics", (1988) 8 Michigan Law Review 7 52 McDermott, P. M. 1994, Equitable Damages, Butterworths Mclnnes, A. 1992, Handbook on Damages, Law Book Company Ltd. Mclnnes, M. 1997, "Advancement, Illegality and Restitution", 1997 APLJ Lexis 3 Mclntyre, P. 2000, "When a Brand Makes Its Marque", Australian CPA, July 2000, A S C P A , pp. 32-35 McLain, K. 1980, "Legal Change and Class Interests: A Review Essay on Morton Howits's The Transformation of American L aw", (1980) 68 California Law Review 382 McLaney, E. J. 1986, Business Finance Theory & Practice, Pitman Publishing McLeod, I., 1993, Legal Method, MacMillan Press 371 M cMeel, G . 2000, The Modern Law of Restitution, London, Blackstone Press Meagher, R. P. Gummow, W. M. C. and Lehane, J. R. F. 1975, Equity: Doctrines and Remedies, Butterworths Menger, C. 1871, Principles of Economics, Dingwall and Hoselitz translation, 1950, F Press Middleton, K. 1964, The Economics of Capital Expenditure, 2nd ed., A.S.C.P.A. Milsom, S. F. C. 1969, Historical Foundations of the Common Law, London, Butterworths Modigliani, F. and Miller, M. H. 1958, "The Cost of Capital, Corporation Finance and the Theory of Investment" in Wolf, H. A., and Richardson, L. 1966, Readings in Finance, N e w York, Appleton-Century-Crofts, pp. 91-128 Moore, B. J. 1968, Introduction to the Theory of Finance, Free Press, Collier-Macmil Ltd. Munro, C. 1912, "Nicetas Choniates: The sack of Constantinople (1204)" in Translation and Reprintsfromthe Original Sources of European History, vol. 3, rev. ed., pp. 15-16, online http://www.fordham.edu/HALSALL/source/choniates 1 .html Murphy, B. 1973, A History of the British Economy 1740-1970, London, Longman Books Nagel, S. S. and Neef, M. G. 1979, Decision Theory and the Legal Process, Lexington Books Neave, M. and Howell, L. 1992, The Adequacy of Common Law Damages, Adelaide, L a w R eview Research Paper N o. 5 Noonan, J. 1957, The Scholastic Analysis of Usury, Harvard University Press Nymeyer, F. 1957, "John Calvin on Interest," Progressive Calvinism, Progressive Calvinism League, online http://.visi.corn/~contra +m/pc/l957/3-2Calvin.html O'Brien, G. 1920, An Essay on Medieval Economic Teaching, 1967 reprint, Augustus M . Kelley, N e w Y ork Oldham, J. 1992, The Mansfield Manuscripts and the Growth of the English Law in the Eighteenth Century, University of North Carolina Press Osborn, E. 1976, Ethical Patterns in Early Christian Thought, Cambridge University Press Ostrogorsky, G. 1966, "Agrarian Institutions of the Germanic Kingdoms From the Fifth to the Ninth Century", Postman M . M . (ed.) The Cambridge Economic History of Europe, 2 n d e d, vol. 1, pp. 180-204, 372 Palmer, R. 2000, English Legal History Materials, University of Houston, online http://vi.im.edu/pages^b/elhone/comcrts.html Parker, C. 2000, "Intangible Assets and the Need for Speed", Australian CPA, ASCPA, July 2000, pp. 60-1 Parmiter G. C. 1967, The King's Great Matter: A Study of Anglo Papal Relations 15271534, L ondon, Oates and Washbourne Paton, J. 1893, British History and Papal Claims, 2 volumes, London, Hodder & Stoughton Pengilley, W. 1994, "Causation and Reliance in Misleading and Deceptive Conduct Law," Competition and Consumer Law Journal, Vol.2, 1994 C CLJ L EXIS 15 Peters...
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