L 1944 the supreme court and the contract clause 57

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Unformatted text preview: 5-331 Goodman, E. 1995, The Origins of the Western Legal Traditions Federation Press Goodman, J. C. 1978, "An Economic Theory of the Evolution of Common Law," [1978] 7 Journal of Legal Studies, pp. 393-406 Goodrich, P. 1987, "Literacy and the Languages of the Early Common Law", Journal of Law and Society, V olume 14, N umber 4, Winter 1987, p p 422-444 Gordley, J. 1991, The Philosophical Origins of Modern Contract Doctrine, Oxford, Clarendon Press Gordon, B. 1975, Economic Analysis Before Adam Smith, Macmillan Press Gordon, R. W. 1995, "Paradoxical Property," in Brewer, J. and Staves, S. 1995, Early Modern Conceptions of Property, Routlege Books Goyau, G. 1912, "Amand-Jean du Plessis, Duke of Richelieu" The Catholic Encyclopedia 1999 online edition, Robert Appleton, Volume XIII, http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/13047a.htm , accessed 10 N ovember 1999 at Granfield, D. 1988, The Inner Experience of Law, Catholic University Press of Ameri Green D. 1894, "Pain Cost- Opportunity Cost," Quarterly Journal of Economics, Januar 1894, Boston, George Ellis, pp. 218-229 Green, J. R. 1881, The Making of England, London, MacMillan Green, V. H. H. 1964, Renaissance and Reformation, 2nd ed., London, Edward Arnold Greig, D. W. and Davis, J. L. R. 1991, The Law of Contract, 3rd cumulative supplement L a w Book Company Grinblatt, M. and Titman, S. 1998, Financial Markets and Corporate Strategy, McGraw Hill Finance series Gross, C. D. 1997, "Is There Any Interest In Nehemiah 5?", Scandinavian Journal of t Old Testament, vol. 11, no. 2, Scandinavian University Press, pp.270-278 Guiraud J. 1929, The Medieval Inquisition, London, Burns Oates and Washbourne 366 Hale, M . 1713, History of the Common Law of England, online edition, available at: http://socserv2.socsci.mcmaster.ca/~econ/ugcm/3113/hale/common Hale, R. L. 1944, "The Supreme Court and the Contract Clause", 57 Harvard Law Review 5 12 Hamer, D. 1999, "Chance Would Be a Fine Thing: Proof of Causation and Quantum in an Unpredictable World", [1999] 23 M. U.L.R. 5 57 Hamilton, B. 1981, The Medieval Inquisition, Edward Arnold Publishers Hart, H.L.A. 1994, The Concept of Law, Bullock and Raz (eds.), 2nd ed., Oxford Clarendon Press Hart, H.L.A. and Honore, A.M. 1959, Causation in the Law, Oxford Clarendon Press Hartgerink, V. 1987, "The Protestant Ethic of Prosperity", in Christian History, vo no. 2, pp. 20-22 Havey, F. P. 1907, "African Synods", in The Catholic Encyclopedia, Robert Appleton Company, 1999 online edition, at http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/0119a.htm Hayek F. A. 1936, "Utility Analysis and Interest", The Economic Journal, vol. XLVI (46), N o. 181, M arch 1936, pp. 44-60 Heaton, H. 1948, Economic History of Europe, revised edition, New York, Harper & Brothers Hector, L.C. 1966, The Handwriting of English Documents, 2nd edition, London, Edward Arnold Publishers Heffey, P. G. Paterson, J. M. and Hocker, P. J. 1998, Contract: Commentary and Materials, 8th edition, L B C Information Services Heichelheim, F. M. 1964, An Ancient Economic History, vol. II, A.W. Sijthoff-Leyden Heichelheim, F. M. 1970, An Ancient Economic History, vol. Ill, A. W. Sijthoff-Leyd Heilbroner, R. L. 1962, The Making of Economic Society, Prentice Hall International Heiner, R. A. 1986, "Imperfect Decisions and the Law: On the Evolution of Legal Precedent and Rules", Journal ofLegal Studies, vol. 15, (June, 1986), pp. 227-261 Henderson, 1910, Selected Documents of the Middle Ages, London, George Bell & Sons Herz, M. 1999, "Coif Comes to Cardozo", Cardozo Life, Spring 1999, online at http://www.cardozo.net/life/springl999/coif/ Hicks, J. 1939, Value and Capital, 2nd ed., 1978 reprint, Oxford, Clarendon Press Hicks, J. 1973, Capital and Time: A Neo-Austrian Theory, Oxford, Clarendon Press 367 Hicks, J. 1979, Causality in Economics, Oxford, Basil Blackwell Holdsworth, W. Sir 1903-1926, A History of the English Law, (15 Volumes) 1976 reprint, M ethuen & C o. Ltd., Sweet and Maxwell Homer, S. 1977, A History of Interest Rates, Rutgers University Press Honore, A. M. 1999a, Responsibility and Fault, Oxford, Hart Publishing Honore, A.M. 1999b Horngren C. T. and Foster, G. 1991, Cost Accounting: A Managerial Emphasis, 7th edition, Annotated Instructor's Edition, Prentice Hall Horowitz, D. L. 1977, The Courts and Social Policy, Brookings Institute Hogue, A. R, 1966, Origins of the Common Law, Indianapolis, Liberty Press Hovencamp, H. 1983, "The Economics of Legal History", [1983] 67 Minnesota Law Review, pp. 645-697 Hovencamp, H. 1990a, "Positivism in Law and Economics", California Law Review, vol. 78, no. 4, pp. 815-852 Hovencamp, H. 1990b, "The First Great Law & Economics Movement", 42 Stanford Law Review 993 Hutchinson, P. Alison, S. Gregory, W. Lumby, S. 1994, Financial Management Decisions, T homas Nelson, Australia Ingram, J. K. 1888, A...
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