M s 1922 public policy in english law 1922 38 law

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Unformatted text preview: History of Political Economy, New York, Macmillan Books Ipp, D.A. Hon. Justice 1992, "Problems and Progress in Remoteness of Damage", in Finn, P.D., Essays on Damages, L B C , pp. 14-41 Jeaffreson, J. C. 1886, Middlesex County Records, 1972 Reprint, Great London Counci Johnson 1997, "The Canons of the 217 Blessed Fathers who Assembled at Carthage (A.D. 345-419)" online edition at http://www.ccel.wheaon.edu/fathers/NPNF214/6sardica/afcanl 6.htm Johnstone, D. 1997, The Minimum Transfer Price of Services, University of Wollongon Department of Accounting and Finance, Working Paper 97/1 Johnstone, R. 1995, Thinking About Law: Perspectives on the History, Philosophy, an Sociology of the Law, St. Leonards, Allen and Unwin Jolowicz, J.A. 1960, "The Changing Use of "Special Damage" and Its effect on the Law [1960] The Cambridge Law Journal 2 14 ([I960] C.L.J. 214) 368 K and E. and DeTrask, K. 1998, Covering Up Trade Losses: Opportunity Cost Accounting as An Internal Control Mechanism, Deakin University School of Economics, Working Paper no 9814, N ovember 1998 Kaen, F. 1995, Corporate Finance: Concepts and Policies, Blackwell Business Keck, K.R. 1996, "Anselm of Canterbury", The Ecole Initiative, online edition http://cedar.evansville.edu/~ecoleweb/glossary/anselmc.html Kelly, J. M. 1994, A Short History of Western Legal Theory, Oxford Clarendon Press Kemp, J.A. 2001, "The Satisfaction Theory of Redemption", Encyclopedia Brittanica online http:///www.brittanica.com/eb/article?eu==7815&tocid=328 Keynes, J. M., 1936, General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, London, MacMillan Press, 1973 reprint King, E. 1979, England 1175-1425, Routlege & Kegan Paul Kirby, M. Mr. Justice, 1996, "A. F. Mason From Trigwell to Teoh", [1996] Melbourne University Law Review vol. 20, p. 1087,[ [1996] 2 0 Melb. U L. Rev. 1087] Kleer, R. A. 2000, "The Role of Teleology in Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations", Histor ofEconomics Review, N o . 31, Winter 2000, pp. 14-29 Knight, W. M. S. 1922, "Public Policy in English Law", [1922] 38 Law Quarterly Review 2 07 Koebner, Richard 1966, "The Settlement and Colonization of Europe", in The Cambridge Economic History of Europe V olume 1: The Agrarian Life of the Middle Ages, 1966 Cambridge University Press, pp. 1-91 Kornhauser, L. A. 1979, "A Guside to the Perplexed claims of Efficiency in the Law", [1979] 8 Hofstra Law Review 591-639 Kornhauser, L. A. 2001, "The Economic Analysis of Law", Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, online http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/legal-econanalysis/ Kronman, A. T. 1980, "Wealth Maximization As a Normative Principle", (1980) 9 Journal ofLegal Studies 227-242 Kunsch, K. 1998, "Stare Decisis Everything You Never Realized You Need to Know", Washington State Bar News, October 1998, online at http://wsba.org/barnews/arcbives98/stare.html, 4 M arch 2000 Kuttner, S. 1956, "Harmony From Dissonance", in Kuttner, S. (ed.) 1980, The History Ideas and Doctrines in the Middle Ages, Variorum reprint Lang S 1988 "The Urge for Poverty: Christian Asceticism from the Early Church Through the Reformation", Christian History, vol. VII, no. 3, pp.8-11, Christian History Institute 369 Lee, R. W . 1956, The Elements of Roman Law: With a Translation of the Institutes of Justinian, 4th ed., L ondon, Sweet and Maxwell Leiberman, D. 1995, "Property, Commerce, and the Common Law", in Brewer, J. and Staves, S. 1995, Early Modern Conceptions of Property, Routlege Books, pp. 144-158 Levy, H. and Sarnat, M. 1988, Principles of Financial Management, Prentice Hall Lewison, M. 1999, "Conflicts of interest? The Ethics of Usury", Journal of Business Ethics, D ecember 1999, Vol. 22, Issue 4, pp. 327-339 Ligertwood, A. 1993, Australian Evidence, 2nd ed., Butterworths Lindberg, Carter 1987, "Luther on the Use of Money", Christian History, Vol. 6, No. pp, 17-19, 3 4 Lloyn, H. R. 1991, Anglo-Saxon England and the Norman Conquest, 2nd edition, Longman Books Lopez, R. 1987, "The Trade of Medieval Europe: the South", The Cambridge Economic History of Europe, vol. 2, 2 n d ed., Postman and Miller eds. pp.306-401 Luntz, H. 1990, Assessment of Damages for Personal Injury and Death, 3r ed., Butterworths Luntz, H. 2002, Assessment of Damages for Personal Injury and Death, 4 edition LexisNexis, Butterworths Luntz, H . and Hambly, A.D. 1992, Torts: Cases and Commentary, 3r edition, Butterworths Luntz, H., and Hambly, D., 2002, Torts: Cases and Commentary, 5th edition, Butterworths Macaulay, T. 1849, History of England from the Accession of James II, Philadelphia, Parter and Coates, online http://www.strecorsoc.org/macaulav/m02b.html MacAdam, A., and Pyke, J. 1998, Judicial Reasoning and the Doctrine of Precedent in Australia, Butterworths MacCormack and Birks (eds.) 1986, The Legal Mind, Oxford University Press Mackie, J. L. 1974, The Cement of the Universe: A Study of...
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