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Case 12-1 stop & scan It! App The grocery store and supermarket shopping industries have combined annual revenues in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Just food and beverage sales in the United States (U.S.) brought in $600 billion in revenue in 2014. Grocery shopping was a highly commoditized industry with over 85,000 Stores in the U.S. at that time. With little variation in available item selection and less money being spent on groceries in the down economy, competition for customer loyalty continued to grow. By using business analytics to help process buying habits of its customers. Stop & Shop, a Quincy, Massachusetts-based grocer, tried to get a better grasp on the hard-to- understand concept of customer loyalty in grocery shopping. In 2009. Stop & Shop introduced Scan It!, a portable electronic device for customers shopping in its stores. The device allowed customers to "scan and bag" products. expediting checkout times at the end of their shopping trip. Additionally, the device offered deals based on the location of
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