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Unformatted text preview: Marketing Beyond STP Decisions are Continuously Evolving Due to STP the Dynamic Nature of Markets the To Maintain the Profitability of Brands, To Segmentation Decisions Must be Reassessed Regularly Regularly Product Differentiation Infuses STP Decisions Product with Vitality with 4.4 Demographic Segmentation Demographic Segmentation Based on Physical Descriptors of Segmentation Individuals Individuals Age Gender Ethnic Background Education Marital Status Occupation 4.5 Brands in Common Product Categories Can Be Targeted to Audiences Based on Ethnic Background on 4.6 What is the Basis for Segmentation in this Segmentation Message? 4.7 Identifying Target Segments Identifying Geographic Segmentation Climate & Topographical Features Food Preferences & Preparation Habits Entertainment Preferences Recreational Activities Geodemographic Segmentation PRIZM 4.8 Identifying Target Segments (conâ€...
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