8 identifying target segments cont identifying usage

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Unformatted text preview: t) Identifying Usage Patterns & Commitment Levels Heavy Users Nonusers Brand Loyal Users Switchers or Variety Seekers Emergent Customers Psychographic & Lifestyle Segmentation AIO’s Benefit Segmentation 4.9 A Classic Example of Classic Benefit Segmentation 4.10 Segmenting Business-to-Business Markets Segmenting TYPES OF ORGANIZATION SEGMENTATION STANDARD INDUSTRIAL CLASSIFICATION (SIC) SEGMENTATION SIZE OF ORGANIZATION SEGMENTATION GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION SEGMENTATION END USE OF SEGMENTATION HORIZONTAL & VERTICAL MARKET SEGMENTATION 4.11 Prioritizing Target Segments Prioritizing CAPABILITIES OF THE ORGANIZATION SIZE AND GROWTH POTENTIAL OF THE SEGMENT COMPETITIVE FIELD 4.12 Formulating a Positioning Strateg...
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