Students may use more steps and rules in this case

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Unformatted text preview: re steps and rules. In this case, award points based on the relative progress of their intermediate steps as compared to what is shown above. Page 3 of 4 Spring 2012 Discrete Structures Exam, Part A 3) (10 pts) PRF (Sets) Let A, B, and C be sets. Show that By definition, , using def. of set difference. defn of set difference defn of set difference De Morgan’s Law Double Negation Distributive Law Commutative/Associative Laws Inverse Law Domination Law Identity Law Since the two sides are equivalent to the same set, the two sides must be equal. Grading: LHS = 2 pts – 1 pt per step, RHS = 8 pts – 1 pt per step in the right direction Page 4 of 4...
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