WC pp. 86-89, pp. 118-121

WC pp. 86-89, pp. 118-121 - I. The Persians A. Chaldean...

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I. The Persians A. Chaldean Empire 1. Very short life 2. Nothing like the great war machine of Assyrians a. Military-religious ethos 3. Fall of Assyria opened way for Chaldeans a. No Near East force nearby them 4. Persians would come to topple the Chaldeans and reunite the ancient Near East B. The Origins of the Persian Empire 1. Not much is known about Persians before middle of 6 th century a. Lived on eastern shore of the Persian Gulf b. Spoke an Indo-European language c. Were subject to the Medes 2. Persians emerged under Cyprus a. Succeeded to the rule of a Persian tribe b. Threw off the lordship of the Medes i. Claiming dominion over lands stretching from Persian Gulf to the Halys River in Asia Minor 3. Became neighbors of the Lydians a. Attained great prosperity as producers of gold and silver b. Dominated wealthy Greek cities along Anatolian coast c. First to use coins in exchange for goods and services d. King was named Croesus 4. Croesus didn’t trust Persians so launched a preventive war a. Asked oracle what to do which said for him to cross the Halys and he would destroy the Persians b.
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WC pp. 86-89, pp. 118-121 - I. The Persians A. Chaldean...

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