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If countries do not measure the health of their peoples, should “outsiders” do it for them? Why or why not? Without a doubt, outside, impartial sources should determine the health of people from each country. Citizens from within a country may often provide a biased opinion about the health and well being of their countries. With an outside source conducting these tests, the true nature of the country’s health would not be skewed. Many countries would like to depict their countries as models for the world. But, in reality, these nations are quite the opposite. The wealthy and poor in these nations are polar opposites. The wealthy live very well. Consequently, there is a difference between the health of the wealthy and that of the poor. Since this is occurring, many of these countries would want to hide this disparity in their health systems from such organizations as the United Nations and the World Health Organization. Additionally, since some countries are more
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Unformatted text preview: technically advanced than others, it would be worthwhile to pool these technical resources in a central agency in order to provide equitable health care evaluation methods to all countries, regardless of their technical support. With an outside source assessing health measures, countries may eventually improve in their means of evaluating health because they will have an impartial observer judging health parameters. Importantly, this group should not be composed of members of one particular country since the evaluating country may not have the best political relationship with the country that they are evaluating. Alternatively, a simple solution to this problem would be to create a committee with one member selected from different countries to perform this process. Additionally, with a central evaluation agency, data can be more easily collected, analyzed, and more statistically relevant conclusions can be made....
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