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A great deal has been made of the “Emergence” of new disease threats. Pretend you reside somewhere in the developing world—what is “emergent” as a threat for your health and that of your family? Many developing countries are located in Southeast Asia. These countries have poor economies, which contribute to poverty and low standards of living. These factors, in turn, make their inhabitants susceptible to emerging diseases There recently has been an outbreak of avian influenza in Vietnam, a developing country in Southeast Asia. Avian influenza, a disease carried by birds, is transmitted by inhaling viral droplets. It can cause acute respiratory problems, and even death, in humans who come in close contact with infected birds. Since many birds can potentially migrate long distances, this disease can easily be transmitted to many different places globally by flying birds. Some birds, commonly domestic chickens, have no obvious symptoms of the infection. Chickens most commonly transmit the disease to humans
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Unformatted text preview: who become exposed to the infected birds during the slaughtering or when the tainted chicken meat is being processed for food. I would attempt to take precautions for myself and for my family to ensure that we would have less of a risk of contracting avian influenza. We must thoroughly wash our hands with antiseptic soap and wear protection over our mouths and noses when we are either slaughtering or preparing uncooked chicken or eggs to prevent inhaling the virus. Additionally, since the virus has never been found in cooked chicken and eggs, it would be important to make certain that the chicken and eggs that we eat are well cooked. Hopefully these measures would prevent my family and me from contracting avian influenza. References August 29, 2007 August 29, 2007 August 29, 2007...
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