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The "classic" famine picture is one of severe wasting, known as protein calorie malnutrition. However micronutrient deficiency is increasingly believed to be very important to health as well. What is it (micronutrient deficiency) and how is it important in the ability of human populations to ward off disease? Micronutrient malnutrition is classified as a deficiency in the intake or absorption of several vitamins or nutrients, most commonly vitamin A, iron, and iodine. Although this condition affects approximately two billion people worldwide, it is most commonly seen in developing countries where poverty dramatically impacts upon nutritional status. These deficiencies significantly affect the physical and the mental states of those affected and have in addition been shown to influence normal development of an unborn child during pregnancy. Deficiency of vitamin A can cause a condition called xerophthalmia where the symptoms range from night blindness to complete blindness from destruction of the cornea. Iodine
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