WC pp. 185-198 - I. The Principate of Early Empire (27...

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I. The Principate of Early Empire (27 BCE-180 CE) A. Octavian 1. Was adopted as heir to Julius Caesar a. Grandnephew b. Went to Rome to claim Caesar’s inheritance once he died 2. Joined forced with Marc Antony and Lepidus to crush the political faction that murdered Caesar a. Members of faction were hunted down and slain and property taken away 3. Cicero slain who had nothing to do with the conspiracy a. Tried to undermine Antony during his term as consul 4. Brutus and Cassius, the real conspirators, fled and organized an army to fight; defeated by Antony and Octavian near Philippi B. Antony vs. Octavian 1. Tensions mounted because Antony jealous of Octavian 2. Antony went to Egypt for alliance with Cleopatra against Octavian a. Octavian established himself with Italy 3. Octavian defeated Antony and Cleopatra who both committed suicide C. The Augustan System of Government 1. Octavian ruled for four years as consul a. Given the title of imperator or emperor from the Senate 2. Octavian or now called Augustus was determined not to be a dictator a. Left most republican institutions in place b. Controlled army and determined governmental policy c. Instituted new coinage system throughout empire d. Introduced range of public services: police and fire fighting e. Reorganized army f. Abolished the old, corrupt system of collecting taxes g. Appointed his own representatives as tax collectors and kept them
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WC pp. 185-198 - I. The Principate of Early Empire (27...

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