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Question 1 Juli types onto a computer what she intends to be "My Will" and prints it out. Juli has capacity. "My Will" is Answer Selected Answer: valid if Juli signs it and has three witnesses sign it. Correct Answer: valid if Juli signs it and has three witnesses sign it. Question 2 Keri's will states, "I give to my sister Liz my condominium in Malibu, California." This is Answer Selected Answer: a specific devise. Correct Answer: a specific devise. Question 3 Philomena dies without a will. A court appoints Quigley to handle the probate of Philomena's estate. The administrator of the estate is Answer Selected Answer: Philomena's closest blood relative.
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Correct Answer: Quigley. Question 4 Benny dies without a will, with no surviving spouse or child. Benny's survivors include his granddaughter Callie, his nephew Doug, and his cousin Earl. In most states, his estate would pass to Answer Selected Answer: Callie. Correct Answer:
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