WCII Exam 1 Study Guide Spring 2008

WCII Exam 1 Study Guide Spring 2008 - HIS1102: World Civ II...

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HIS1102: World Civ II Spring 2008 Instructor: Dr. Reid First Midterm Exam Review Sheet The midterm exam will be held on Tuesday, February 19. Please bring an 8½ x 11 inch blue/green book to class on the day of the exam. Blue/green books may be purchased in the ASU Bookstore for about 25 cents. Do not write on or in the book . We will collect them at the start of class and then redistribute them after the exam has been handed out. The exam will consist of two major parts (Parts A and B) and you will have the entire 75 minutes to complete both parts. The content of the exam will cover material that we have studied and discussed since the start of the semester. Part A (30 points total; 10 points for each item): Identification Essays Part A will ask you to identify in detail and explain the historical significance of THREE historical terms. You will be given a list of five terms and will be asked to choose your three from that list. All the terms on the list will be taken from the list of terms offered below (pp. 2-4 of this handout). Your essay for each item should consist of two full paragraphs written in complete sentences and containing topic sentences and sufficient content to completely identify the item and argue for its historical significance. In the first paragraph you will identify the item in terms of basic factual information (e.g., what or who the item is; what general time period and/or cultural tradition it is associated with; etc.). In the second paragraph you will make an argument for why the item is historically significant. In other words, (if it’s a person) what did that individual or individuals do that had an effect on the time in which they lived? Or (if it’s a thing) what were the important results? The quality of your essays will be scored according to the following rubric as used on the midterm:
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WCII Exam 1 Study Guide Spring 2008 - HIS1102: World Civ II...

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