hw6 - function of time Problem#4 A pressurized tank of...

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HOMEWORK #6 Problem #1 A glass manometer with mercury as a working fluid is connected to a duct as shown. Will the mercury in the manometer move as shown in (a) or (b)? Why? Problem #2 An aircraft flies at 5,000 m in altitude. A pitot static probe is used to measure the velocity. If the probe reads a differential pressure of 3 kPa determine the velocity of the aircraft. Problem #3 Water enters a tank of diameter D t steadily at a mass flow rate of m . An orifice at the bottom with a diameter of D o allows water to escape. The orifice has a round entrance, so frictional losses are negligible. If the tank is initially empty, (a) determine the maximum height that the water will reach in the tank and (b) obtain a relation for water height as a
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Unformatted text preview: function of time. Problem #4 A pressurized tank of water has a 10 cm diameter orifice at the bottom, where the water discharges to the atmosphere. The water level is 3m above the outlet. The tank air pressure above the water is 300 kPa (absolute) while the atmospheric pressure is 100 kPa. Neglecting frictional effects, determine the initial discharge rate of water from the tank. Problem #5 Water flows through a horizontal pipe at a rate of 1 gal/s. The pipe consists of two sections of diameters 4 in and 2 in with a smooth reducing section. The pressure difference between the two pipe sections is measured by a mercury manometer. Neglecting frictional effects determine the differential height of mercury between the two sections....
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hw6 - function of time Problem#4 A pressurized tank of...

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