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Criminal Analysis Final Question 1 (Worth 4 points) Briefly outline the history of organized crime units in the United States. ESSAY SUBMISSION Question Information : See pg's 122-123 Points earned on this question : 0 Question 2 (Worth 4 points) Define the term "organized crime". ESSAY SUBMISSION Organized crime is defined as including criminal activities that are organized and coordinated o connections (Biscay, 2005). Organized crime firmly placed its roots in the social structure of th corrupt government officials, law enforcement officers, politicians, among others; helps insure including gambling, prostitution, and the use of narcotics (Biscay, 2005). Organized crime is no civilization. In fact, there are Japanese mafias, also, the famous Russian Mafia, who used their party to create a vast black market network during the Cold War (Biscay, 2005). Throughout th to gain wealth, members of different ethnicities, influence, and success among the nations. Re Civilization: Organized Crime in America During the Prohibition. 2005. 1 Apr. 2005. ESSAY FEEDBACK Plagiarism is not tolerated at AMU. Question Information : See pg's 123- 124 Points earned on this question : 0
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Question 3 (Worth 4 points) How would an analyst approach an organized crime investigation? What techniques could be used? ESSAY SUBMISSION Organized crime is the natural home for intelligence analysis. Almost every analytic technique charts to conversation analysis to telephone records. This is the one area where ELINT has pla been around a long time with organized crime. Here are some typical analytical products: 1. AS received through surveillance or informants, a link chart is produced showing the links between organized crime group. The chart should look like a family tree. It can list people, places, or en telephone wiretap information or other "wires", a frequency distribution chart is produced, show whom, and the total length of time. The result is a rather graphic portrayal of who and where th analyst can also add the known time of certain events into the chart. A gambling operation wou before a sporting event. 3. CONVERSATION ANALYSIS -- Using eavesdropping information, t analyst can often put together a content analysis chart, showing that certain phrases like "I wa an act of violence against somebody. This is especially important if the members of the organiz do what you gotta do". Discourse analysis as well as other more advanced forms of linguistic a inflection in the voice to read the messages behind the words spoken. (Fisher, 2005) INFORM with organized crime, but are absolutely essential with newly emerging gangs for which there i the analyst is often to corroborate an informant's information (by checking on whether it is subs determine informant reliability. The following terminology is standard for rating informants: • Re past info reliable in all instances • Usually Reliable -- some doubt, but past info has been reliab some doubt, but past info has been reliable on average • Not usually Reliable -- there is doubt,
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Criminal Analysis Final - Criminal Analysis Final Question...

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