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1. Identify and define four mental processes that account for mistakes in identifying strangers. Also identify the five circumstances that affect the accuracy of perceptions in identifying strangers. I could only find three: Acquisition of Memory: the amount of information a person notes in their brain at the time of the crime Retention of Memory: the amount of information that is retained between the crime and the booking process to the time of the lineup Retrieval of Memory: the amount of information that is able to be recall at the time of lineup for identification The five circumstances are: Length of time to observe the stranger, Distractions during the observation, Focus of the observation, Stress on the witness during the observation, Race of the witness and the stranger 1 2. Why are photo identifications the most unreliable eyewitness identification procedure? The amount of photos used in the “mug shot” book makes the identification suggestive at times. Also, the alleged suspect may have changed their looks from the last time they were photographed. 3.
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