Stat 312 Homework Problems - Week 10

1 months c in this case the mean would have been 386

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Unformatted text preview: this case the mean would have been 38.6, and an upper bound would have been 38.6 + 10.5 = 49.1. This interpretation would be that the mean time between the onset of Cushing’s disease and its diagnosis is no greater than 49.1 months. 46. The statistics, including standard errors are in the table. The upper confidence bound is given by 2,63 6 + 1.753(127) = 2,636 + 222.6 = 2,858.6. The mean decrease in modulus of elasticity of the composite beams four weeks from formation is no greater than 2,858.6. The normal pro bability plot of the differences does not indicate any systematic departure from normality. 1 min 4 week Diff n 15 15 15 By the way, the intercept of a normal probability plot of data versus z scores occurs at or near the sample mean. The slope is approximately equal to the sample s tandard deviation. mean 14,533 11,897 2,636 s 2,056 1,902 509 std err 514 475 127...
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