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Unformatted text preview: elow in the section titled Student the “Student n the first block. B first block eA” in thehere frontspace of the Number”. Start writing iStart writing in thee irst band fill in “xamplein veryare multiple room.“Name” section on youreanswer sheet. on ll in answer sheet by below. f bbles blocks. blocks. to fill T the correct buversions of thisthe blocks. bubbles below exam. Indicat your version Fi the the “A” bubble blocks. the entering an “A” in the Sthe correct bubbles belowthe room. ee the example at the front of very last space of the NAME section of your answer sheet. Fill in the “A” bubble below. See example at the front in this area Special Codes. Fill in your class section numberof the room. in the columns “k” through “o”. Fill in the this exam. - Subbles Codes. yourin your class section number in this area your version on the answer sheet by There are multiple versions of this exam. Indicate your columns on room . exam. your on answer Fill in b There below Fill section number. The section numbers are at the front of“k” through “o”. sheet the -- ou may notare multiple...
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