A 2000 b 2500 c 1800 d 1300 e none of the above 32

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Unformatted text preview: ing activities for 2010 of the only transaction in the land account was that a plot of land that had been purchased in a prior year for $2,000 was sold this year for a $500 gain? a $2,000 b $2,500 c $1,800 d $1,300 e None of the above 32 During 2010 the company sold land for $10,000 that it had purchased for $6,000. The "net income from operations" for 2010 was $2,000. How much was paid out in dividends during 2010? a $12,600 b $11,600 c $7,600 d $15,600 e None of the above 33 How much was utilities expense if $4,400 was paid for utilities during 2010? a $4,200 b $4,400 c $4,600 d $4,000 e None of the above 34 What was the company's approximate debt-to-equity ratio for 2010? a 0.949 b 1.096 c 1.207 d 1.028 e None of the above...
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