Write your last name c ompleted form on the very top

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Unformatted text preview: all the boxes. Write your last name c ompleted form on the very top of the page above all the boxes . Write your last name ery very Fill in thefblocks o n the form as follows: name. irst, followed by your first name Nthis (Last name (followed b user name. Start writing in the block that is below. to the N ame. In ame section write your I.U. y a space), then first name. Fill in the bubblesfurthest See left. If e xample at the front of the room. your I.U. user nameform as follows: Name. In this the form Fill -in the blocks onsection write your I.U. user name. Start write the numbers below is furthest to theI.D. the has numbers in addition to letters, writing in the block that in the “Student left. follows: N your I.U.Start name has the number.addition to letters, below. correct bubbles below the blocks. If umber”. tudentwriting in numbersblock. Be surebubbles write the numbers below infront“Student I.D. S user identification first in Fill in the and fill in the See example at the the of the room. umber”. In this section the firstyour I.U. sure name. Start writing in the block that is furthest in block. N .n section write your .U. user name the correct bubbles below thethat is name writing in the block blocks. - NName.InIStart writ ingCodes” area, fill in Be userand fill .inStart columns (k through o). Fill in is furthest the “Special your Tto the left. If your I.U. user name has numbersnumber in theto letters, writeenteringthe “A” here are multiple versions of this exam.has section version on an addition answer sheet by the name Indicate your in addition to letters, write the numbers your the b ubblesyour See example at the front of the room. below. inhere arein Tbthe very last space of the “Name” section on your answer sheet. the answerin the by entering anBe the multiple versions of this exam. Indicate your version on Fill i n the in the first below. See sure sheet first b Number”. Start writing “A” bubble b lock Student below at the last of the I.D...
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