Eplates is towards the right let the right be the

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Unformatted text preview: arc at an angle θ to the horizontal, we have that the field it produces is: dQ λRdθ dE = = 2 4π 0 R 4π 0 R2 By symmetry, the vertical component of the field is zero. The final field is in the x direction, and we can just integrate over the x-component. θ0 E = Ex = −θ0 λR cos θ λR dθ = 4π 0 R2 4π 0 R2 θ0 cos θdθ = −θ0 The field is to the left. 6 λ λ sin θ0 sin θ|θ0θ0 = − 4π 0 R 2π 0 R 21.82 EQ2 is towards...
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