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MobilityAssignment (2) - BSAD 040 Mobility Assignment Using...

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BSAD 040 Mobility Assignment: Using the UVM WiFi Network, MS One Note 2007, Virtual Printers and/or Scanning forms By the end of this assignment, you will: Have the UVM VPN Client Installed and running on your machine; be able to use the UVM WiFi Network Have an introduction to MS One Note for taking notes in class Part 1: UVM WiFi Network A.) UVM VPN Client installation and Configuration In order to use the UVM WiFi network with your personal computer you NEED the following: An 802.11(b/g) WiFi card The UVM VPN client installed and running ( ) A valid set of UVM Credentials (NetID/UVM ID and Password) Have you installed the University of Vermont VPN client? If not: 1. Go to 2. Us your UVM ID & Password to authenticate your right to access the online software archive 3. Click „Windows 2000/XP‟ 4. Scroll down to find „ VPN Client version 4.7’ 5. Select Open from Current Location. 6. Hit Enter at each prompt accepting the defaults setting 7. At the end of the installation it will prompt you to restart, do so. B.) Cats PAWS Connection Have you connected to the UVM WiFi network ‘Cat’s PAWS’? You need to tell your wireless card what network you want to connect too. You should only have to do this once for each WiFi network that you want to connect to with your personal computer. Try the following: Go to Start Connect To Wireless Network Connection. Select Cat's PAWS and hit connect. Anytime you want to use the University of Vermont Wireless Network you need to do the following: Go to your start menu Programs University of Vermont VPN Client Secure Network Access (if the VPN padlock icon is in your System Tray or other shortcut menu you can use it as a shortcut to this step) Here you will press „Connect‟ and then enter your Zoo user name and password.
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If you have forgotten your zoo account credentials or have never activated your account, go to the
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MobilityAssignment (2) - BSAD 040 Mobility Assignment Using...

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