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ASAM Event Write-up - how Asian women can only play certain...

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Matthew Nishiguchi Event Write-Up Date: Tuesday, November 6, 5pm Location: UCSB MCC Title: The Hypersexuality of Race Speaker: Celine P. Shimizu Associate Professor Celine Shimizu attended UC Berkley 20 years ago. One day on the bus, a man asked her “Didn’t you shoot ping-pong balls out of your vagina?” Through this event in particular, she developed a mentality of two different types of women, good and bad. She began inquiring about how this identity of the sexual Asian woman came to be created. Celine examined film, pornography in particular, and theatre to help her understand. This also eventually led her to question the assessments associated with overall female assumptions in society. She attended the musical Miss Saigon multiple times and was able to talk to some actors about their feelings about how they were portraying the Vietnamese women. In pornography, which was the bulk of Celine Shamizu’s event, she made points about
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Unformatted text preview: how Asian women can only play certain roles and are depicted in a certain way. Much of the Asian porn displays Asian women as extremely stereotypical, constantly reinforcing it to a ridiculous extent. The woman’s outfit, hair, and stage props (such as chopsticks) are used to show “Asian culture”. There are a few Asian pornstars that have broken into our porn industry, however. These are Asia Carrera and Annabel Chong. Examining even further, Celine Shimizu has questioned the reasons behind the assumed stupidity and negative associations of women “studs”. Asia Carrera and Annabel Chong both do not at all fit this typical assessment. Asia Carrera is a member of mensa and indentified as a model minority, and Annabel Chong graduated from USC. Annabel Chong has notably entered into the porn industry to challenge the negative views of female sexuality in our society....
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ASAM Event Write-up - how Asian women can only play certain...

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