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response 4 - The injustices need to be realized from a...

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Matthew O’Donnell Political Science 203 Thursday, October 11, 2007 Response Paper In response to the Martin Luther King entry, it is obvious he is very articulate and persuasive. He is arguing for equality between blacks and white. He is saying that economically black people shouldn’t start off with any disadvantage compared to white men. This is true and due to people’s racist behavior black people do not have the same starting points. A white man and a black man applying to a job the white man would have a much better chance of getting the job. Also King is denouncing violent behavior for the spread of equality. He is frowning on violent behavior, such as riots and violent protest. He is saying the violence will not be able to achieve anything. The leaders have to realize that there is an injustice in society.
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Unformatted text preview: The injustices need to be realized from a leader’s perspective. Violence will blind the leaders from the actual problems and keep the injustices present because it provides an excuse to keep the injustices alive, because the people that are actually suffering from injustices are committing violent crimes. This keeps the injustices present, so basically violent behavior actually doesn’t achieve anything. I agree completely with King. The violent behaviors are actually not achieving anything. They are actually, like King said, is actually making the situation worse for the individuals. Killing off protesters won’t achieve anything. Killing other people will not install a fear that is needed for change; it will just make things worse for individual and actually creates more injustice....
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