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Unformatted text preview: at satisfy the octet rule for N2O; note that formal charges are NOT shown. Circle the best structure, and justify your choice. This structure has formal charges all closest to zero, with the negative formal charge on the most electronegative atom. +1 correct circle +2 minimized formal charges +1 negative formal charge on most electronegative atom 4 9. Draw in the overall molecular 8. Suppose that we could create the compound XeF3. (a) Describe the placement of the lone pairs. dipole for CH2Cl2. +2 correct dipole Since the first two lone pairs are placed opposite one another,+1 the third lone pair goes on any of the other four positions. +1 2 2 (b) The molecular T‐shaped +1 all or nothing 1 if molecular and 1 bond dipoles are not distinguished geometry would be… 4 2 A Multiple Choice Instructions: CLEARLY write the best answer choice in CAPITAL letters on the line beside each problem number. Circled answers will not be graded. Each question is worth 3 points. ___C___ 10. Which of the following is true regarding th...
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