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5 90and180 polar or non polar polar or non polar

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Unformatted text preview: priate. Be sure to show all lone pairs, including those on outer atoms, and be sure to label any non‐zero formal charges on individual atoms. Then, identify the electron‐domain geometry, the molecular geometry, and all approximate bond angles found in the molecule. +2 correct 3‐D structure; +1 each correct box; 1 missing lone pairs on atoms 6 6 (a) NH3 (b) IF5 electron-domain geometry electron-domain geometry tetrahedral octahedral molecular geometry molecular geometry trigonal pyramidal square pyramidal bond angles bond angles 109.5 90 (and 180) Polar or non-polar Polar or non-polar polar polar 3­D structure 3­D structure 7. Consider the atmospheric reaction: 2 NO(g) + H2(g) N2O(g) + H2O(g) +1 any one correct circle +1 radical/odd # electrons OR +1 duet rule (a) Which one of these contains an exception to the octet rule? Explain. NO is a radical with an odd # of electrons. NO H2 N2O H2O OR H /H2O satisfies the duet rule. 2 Circle one (b) Below are three possible Lewis structures th...
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