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Midterm 1 essay - Implicit vs Explicit Racism American...

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Implicit vs. Explicit Racism American Political Thought 10/26/2007
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O’Donnell2 O’Donnell3 O’Donnell4 O’Donnell5 O’Donnell6 Matthew O’Donnell The United States has been plagued by racism throughout history. Conservatism can be defined as, “the disposition to preserve or restore what is established and traditional and to limit change (Dictionary.com).” This means that conservatism, which is dominate in the south, would be more inclined to preserve the “tradition” of racist behavior. In modern times, I don’t believe that “racism,” is what conservative candidates are promoting, but instead, what Dean Robinson explained as a higher tolerance to inequality, inequality as in a sense of economic disparities. I do not believe that conservatism is secretly trying to segregate the nation and leave the minority poor, but I do believe that it is a problem in the united states and there is such a wealth difference. Conservatism is basically implying that this is ok, the people who are wealthy worked hard to be wealthy, while liberals say that how is someone supposed to be wealthy if they grow up in a ghetto? Liberalism is trying to address this issue and “spread the wealth.” Liberalism’s goal is to provide everyone an equal opportunity at success and prosperity. Conservatism was revived with racist behaviors of the south. When Ronald Regan began his campaign advocating for state rights in the south he implicitly promoted racism. No successful candidates have ever run on the grounds that they were going to promote racism. Conservatism’s revival by racism was because of the tradition that was deeply rooted in the old south, and candidates gathered support by using implicit racial arguments in their rhetoric. Traditionalism is deeply rooted in conservative beliefs. Traditionalism is defined as a system of philosophy according to which all knowledge of religious truth is derived from divine revelation and received by traditional instruction (Dictionary.com). This would imply the racial attitudes back in the “Old South.” These beliefs included many racist ones. Eric Foner describes what happened when Congress was making a universal naturalization system. He tells us: The constitution, however, empowered Congress to create a uniform system of naturalization, and the Naturalization Act of 1790 offered the first legislative definition of American nationality. With no debate, Congress restricted the process of becoming a citizen to “free white persons.”
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