outline for 1st essay

outline for 1st essay - Probably can use Foner? Racism is...

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1. Race is often seen as one of the main agents behind the revival of conservatism in American Politics. Do we see conservative speakers using explicit or implicit racial arguments in their rhetoric? Please use examples from the Foner text AND blog readings. Outline Begin with conservatism’s history Relate it to tradition in the old south Use state’s rights by Regan Racism still exists Define Conservatism as less equality accepted Martin Luther King Jr. Looking to fix it Spread the wealth Provide equality Relate old south Racism arises Segregation George Wallace Tradition from old south is kept and goes from explicit to implicit
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Unformatted text preview: Probably can use Foner? Racism is just kept subconsciously, goes from Racism to prevent equality Just arises from economic disparity, poverty is targeted instead of a ethnic group The poverty is most prominent for blacks and Mexicans Use Affirmative action as explicit and direct Then go on to use welfare as an implicit action Reinforce the idea of change from race to poverty Conclude with the change most do to tradition and implied racism Show not directly racist but against liberalism and against the universal equality...
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outline for 1st essay - Probably can use Foner? Racism is...

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