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WEEK #: 3 Date: 4-3-06 Name of Intern: Tommy Sigler Name of On-Site Supervisor: Brian Hoch School: Brockport [ note: when sending this form to Dr. Stier feel free to adjust the space under the three categories — send to: [email protected] ] For the week of March 24,26,28 I. What I did or observed this week: On Monday, March 24 th , we started off the new week with a nice good warm up. After that we set up some hitting stations on one half of the gym and an infield on the other half. I was in the cage throwing to the kids. They got five bunts, five hit and run situations, five 3-0 counts and five 0-2 counts. On the hit and runs they have to swing at just about everything to protect the runner. On the 3-0 count they are being very selective and only swinging at the pitches in their wheel house and driving them. On the 0-2 counts they are protecting anything close to the plate. While I was doing this, coach was working with the infield on turning double plays. On Wednesday coach decided to have an all defensive day.
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