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week 1 report - Sport Management Coaching Minor Program...

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Sport Management — Coaching Minor Program — State University of New York, Brockport, NY Coaching Practicum/Internship Weekly Diary Report WEEK #: 1 Date: 3-20-08 Name of Intern: Thomas Sigler Name of On-Site Supervisor: Brian Hoch School: Brockport [ note: when sending this form to Dr. Stier feel free to adjust the space under the three categories — send to: [email protected] ] For the week of 3-10-08 I. What I did or observed this week: This week was the start of JV baseball and there was a lot going on. The first day of tryouts was on Monday the 10 th of March and to start off the year Coach Hoch sat all the kids down and talked to them. He introduced himself and his history in baseball and coaching then moved onto team goals and expectations for the year. After that he had the kids warm up which consists of running, stretching and throwing the ball with a partner. When the kids were warmed up we split them into two groups, half of them worked with Coach fielding ground balls and I threw batting practice to the other half then we switched. While I was pitching I didn’t really do that much instructing, I left that up to the other coaches around and I just kept my eyes and ears open to what they were saying. I saw the coaches coming up to the kids and showing them a different technique to try and get the best result out of their swings. That took us to the end of practice.
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