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WEEK #: 2 Date: _4-3-06 Name of Intern: Tommy Sigler Name of On-Site Supervisor: Brian Hoch School: Brockport [ note: when sending this form to Dr. Stier feel free to adjust the space under the three categories — send to: [email protected] ] For the week of March 17,18,19,20 I. What I did or observed this week: On Monday, March 17 th , we started practice with a warm-up like we always do. Then Coach sent half of the kids with me outside to the parking lot because it was nice outside. I had the kids who would most likely be playing outfield, so we worked on out fielding drills. I had them work on their crow hops, adjusting to balls over each shoulder and finally just having them catching live fly balls. We then went back inside to meet up with the rest of the team to take an infield and that concluded practice. On Tuesday, March 18 th , we set up the hitting stations again but a little different this time. We had kids in the cage hitting off a coach throwing, some working with coach Hoch on bunting
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