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Unformatted text preview: By: Victoria Purser Western Governors University 28 August 2012 Task 1 Scientific Concept: Paternity Testing Historical Event: Storm of the Century 1 http://www.dnacenter.com/science-technology/dna-history.html 2 http://youtu.be/AhnTT6-Jgcg What is Paternity Testing ? When a child is born and there is question about his/her paternity (referring to father) testing can be done in order to determine paternity at approximately 99.9% In decades past this could not be defined at that the same approximation as the methodology and understanding of the human composition has progressed. At the current level of understanding and testing the entire genetic sequencing is used to compare and contrast the genetic materials/makeup from both the mother and the father. Present Day- Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) 99.9% accuracy and higher DNA, found in all cells of the body, is a unique combination of DNA from both mother and father. DNA test results have much faster processing times than previous paternity testing methods Extensive use of PCR for DNA testing has allowed scientist to form a database for accurate DNA analysis. This database enables paternity testing via PCR to have highest power of exclusion. 3 http://www.dnacenter.com/science-technology/dna-history.html Paternity Testing Then and Now Fathers are able to determine their offspring by 99.9% Paternity testing meant there was a much higher incentive for men to avoid or take more care to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Creating financial, emotional, and long term responsibility for their offspring Genetic traits or characteristics can be identified and addressed. ...
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