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Final Exam Topics - Identify the various different costs...

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Unformatted text preview: Identify the various different costs discussed in the course. These include: fixed, variable, mixed, product, period, sunk, opportunity, relevant, differential, incremental, manufacturing, administrative, direct, indirect, materials p. 9, labor p. 9-10, overhead, unit level, batch level, product -level, facility level, upstream, and downstream, among others Use the various costs in the bullet above to make calculations, such as fixed and variable costs in total and per unit Calculate cost of goods manufactured and cost of goods sold p. 185 Explain both job costing and process costing and identify the types of products where each would be used Calculat e job costs by allocating overhead and including direct materials and direct labor Calculate the number of equivalent units, the cost per equivalent unit, and the cost of units in ending work-in-process inventory and transferred out p. 440 Describe activity based costing (ABC) Calculate activity rates...
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