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390 Test 1 - old

390 Test 1 - old - 1 A bank has a process in which...

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1. A bank has a process in which customers enter the bank, stand in a queue to wait their turn to see the bank teller. When it is their turn they go to the bank teller and conduct business. During the 9 to 10 AM period, there are on average 5 people in line waiting to be seen. The average processing time at the teller is 4 minutes. The average throughput is 20 per hour. Draw the process flow for the above scenario. In the above scenario, what is the average flow time of a flow unit in the system? In the above scenario, what is the total number of flow units in the system? In the above scenario, what is the theoretical flow time? In the above scenario, if actual flow time is 22 minutes, what is the flow time efficiency? 2. MJ’s coffee shop makes specialty coffees. Customers line-up and place their order with the server who then gets their coffee and takes their money. The customers then go to a table to sit and drink their coffee. On a typical morning, there are 4 customers in line. It takes the server 5 minutes to take an order, take the money and give a customer their coffee. On average, there are 6 customers drinking coffee in the shop. The average throughput of shop is 30 customers an hour. Draw and label this process below. What is the average time customers spend sitting and drinking coffee in the shop? (Assume they all stay) MJ’s has an average food and drink inventory of $2,000. MJ estimates that it turns once a week. What is the throughput rate of food? 3. A hospital emergency room (ER) is currently organized so that all paitients register through an initial check-in process. At his or her turn, each patient is seen by a doctor and then exits the process, either with a prescription or with an admission to the hospital. Currently , 40 people per hour arrive at the
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ER, 20% of who are admitted to the hospital.
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