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390 Test 2 Review

390 Test 2 Review - MGT 390 Review Questions for Test Two 1...

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MGT 390 Review Questions for Test Two 1. Explain what is meant by process capacity and the various definitions of capacity. 2. Explain why the book says the relation below is true: Throughput ≤ Process Capacity ≤ Effective Capacity ≤ Theoretical Capacity 3. What is a resource pool? What is its relationship to the bottleneck? Resource pool – A collection of interchangeable resources that can perform an identical set of activities. 4. What is the relationship of the resource pool to capacity? 5. Be able to explain the equations on p. 125. = Theoretical capacity of a resrouce unit 1TPxLoad batch x Scheduled availability , = Theoretical capacity of a resource unit RP CPTPx Load batch x Scheduled availability ) = ρP RRp = - Availability loss factor 1 Net availabilityScheduled availability = + Total unit load TP SPQP = Effective capacity of a resource unit 1total unit loadx Load batch x Net availability = Effective capacity of a resrouce pool cPtotal unit loadx Load batch x Net availability Throughput Process capacity Effective capacity Theoretical Capacity where = RP Theoretical capacity ofa resource pool p
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= TP Unit load at resource pool p = cP Number of resource units in resource pool p = ρP Capacity utilization of resource pool p = R Process throughput = SP Setup time at resource pool p = QP Setup batch size or lot sizeat resource pool p 6. Be able to explain the key terms on p. 125. Availability loss factor – Resource availability loss as a fraction of scheduled availability. Blockage – An event that occurs when resources are prevented from producing more flow units because there is no place to store the already processed flow units or because additional processing has not been authorized. Bottleneck – Slowest resource pool. See also Theoretical bottleneck; Effective bottleneck. Capacity utilization of a resource pool – The degree to which resources are utilized by a process; the ratio of throughput and theoretical capacity of resource pool. Changeover – The cleaning, resetting, or retooling of equipment in order for it to process a different product. Also called setup.
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