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Unformatted text preview: erstanding or include any original content/approach? Was the presentation a piece of reasoning consisting of logical arguments with a sound conclusion? 2) Structure of the presentation: ‐ Was there a logical structure to the presentation with an introduction telling the audience what would happen, a main body and a conclusion? ‐ Could the sequence of information and ideas be easily followed? ‐ Did the presentation respect the time limit? 2 3) Clarity and relevance of the visual aids: ‐ Was the visual material appropriately used? ‐ Was the font used in the projected material large enough to be read clearly by all members of the audience? ‐ Was there too much information on each slide? ‐ Was the material selected for the slides directly relevant to the presented topic? ‐ Was it clear from the presentation that this was a group effort? 4) Ability to answer/respond questions: ‐ Could the students answer questions on the topic? ‐ Did the presenters convey the impression of having understood the material fully? 5) Delivery style: Introduce yourself when you start talking that the assessors know your name ‐ Did the presenter talk clearly? ‐ Did the presenter appear self‐confident and assured; at ease with the material presented and his/her own ability to understand and present it? ‐ Did the presenter look at the audience regularly rather than stared fixedly at the notes or ceiling? ‐ Was the presenter audible by the entire audience? ‐ Does the presenter add meaningful content to the overall presentation? Presentation schedule All the presentations will be given on Monday 4 June either at 11am or 2pm depending on your timetable. Please make sure which room you are expected to give your presentation in, this should be the same as the ones where you used to have your tutorial sessions except for the students who changed lab group. Students who had their tutorials in the morning in the Mechanical Eng Tut Room 3 will have their presentations in The Education Seminar Room 323 at 11am. Feedback The marks for the presentations will be sent via emails. The assessors will give you feedback at the end of the presentations. Gwénaëlle Proust Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering 3...
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