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Experimentdescriptions the methodology should be

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Unformatted text preview: xplains the main aims of the experiments. The introduction may also contain any background information relevant to the experiments and analyses. • Experiment Descriptions: The methodology should be described in such detail that the audience can clearly understand what has been done, but high level of details should be avoided and this section should not be a set of dot point instructions. The use of diagrams and figures is very useful to illustrate experimental settings. • Results & Observations: In this section, the results from the experiments, and any subsequent calculations, should be presented along with any graphical representation of the results. Tables and graphs are a most suitable way of presenting information, but remember to include units with the column/row titles or axes and to use an appropriate number of significant figures. For the microscopy labs, this section should show the important images highlighting the main features of the samples. 1 • Discussions: This section should be used to discuss the results obtained and contain a description of any unusual factors encountered during the experiments and any sources of experimental error or artefacts for the microscopy labs. A comparison between the experimental and theoretical, or published, results should be presented with reference to the error analysis (where relevant). Reasons for any differences between theory and experimental should be postulated. Any recommendations for refinement of the experimental apparatus, or techniques should be presented here. The description for each laboratory contains a list of questions that require answering. The answers, and any relevant discussion pertaining to those questions, should be included in this...
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