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Instructions_Group Presentation_2012

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Unformatted text preview: section. The questions may act as a guide to help students determine what should be included in the discussion. • Conclusions: The presentation finishes with a small section summarising the conclusions of the experiments. Only state what can be directly concluded from the experiment no matter how small. Assessment criteria The anticipated workload for preparing the group presentation is approximately 8 hours. Note: Students have to attend all the presentations and should not leave once they have given theirs. Attendance will be taken at the end of the presentations and any missing students will lose half their marks. There are two components in the assessment: a group assessment representing 80% of the presentation mark and an individual assessment representing 20% of the presentation mark. Group Assessment: The following criteria will be assessed: 1) Content/knowledge of the subject material: 20% 2) Structure of the presentation: 20% 3) Clarity and relevance of the visual aids: 20% 4) Ability to answer/respond questions: 20% Individual Assessment: The following criterion will be assessed: 5) Delivery style and content: 20% The two assessors who will assess your formal presentations will be referring to the set of assessment criteria shown below. By comparing your own presentations with these criteria before performing for assessment, or alternatively getting fellow students to assess your work with the criteria, and making any adjustments that are suggested by such a comparison, you may be able to improve your mark. 1) ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ Content/knowledge of the subject material: Did the presentation include relevant information? Did the students demonstrate an understanding of the topic? Did the presentation demonstrate advanced und...
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