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ECO 550 Final Exam
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User Samantha Capasso Course Managerial Economics & Globali Test Final Exam Started 9/14/12 7:22 PM Submitted 9/14/12 8:45 PM Status Completed Score 260 out of 300 points Time Elapsed 1 hour, 22 minutes out of 2 hours. Instructions This final exam consist of 30 multiple choice questions and covers the  material in chapters 8 through 17. There are three questions from each  chapter and the questions are in chapter order. Be sure you are in the  correct Chapter when you take the exam. Question 1 10 out of 10 points Which of the following factors affect vertical integration of firms? Answer Selected Answer: Question 2 10 out of 10 points In order to be successful as an innovator, a firm may require: Answer Selected Answer:
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Question 3 0 out of 10 points Which of the following contracts contain vertical restrictions that limit the transacting parties’ choices but create economic value? Answer Selected Answer: Question 4 10 out of 10 points According to economists, an individual who tries to derive utility from the consumption of a good without paying for it is called: Answer Selected Answer: a free rider. Question 5
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