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Questions The Goal Complete

Questions The Goal Complete - Questions from The Goal 1 As...

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Questions from The Goal 1. As Alex reflects on his plant’s problems, he recalls why other plants moved from Bearington. What are the reasons given for the move of the plants from Bearington? (C2) 2. Explain Jonah’s rationale that a 36% gain in output at one station is not a 36% gain in productivity of the plant. (C4) 3. What are the minimum measurements needed by a finance department to know if their plant is making money? (C6) 4. Why does Alex believe that the measurements used in the question above to determine if a firm is making money, might not be useful for the shop floor workers? 5. Define and explain the three measurements Jonah gives Alex to use on the shop floor. (C8) 6. What are the three basic questions that Alex decides that Jonah asked Alex, so that he, Jonah, could quickly understand the true situation at UNICO? (C9) 7. What is Jonah’s rationale for saying that “… most of the time, your struggle for high efficiencies is taking you in the opposite direction of your goal.” (C11) 8. What is a statistical fluctuation?
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