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Unformatted text preview: of warheads •  Collapse of Governance and Social Organiza8ons and/or Produc8on and Distribu8on of Food, Water, and Energy How Nuclear Weapons Kill Nuclear Winter – Soot from burning ci8es enters stratosphere blocking much sunlight for years. Unprecedented climate change and failure of agriculture. Nuclear winter scenarios appear feasible even for an India‐Pakistan‐level exchange with 50 Hiroshima (12 kT) explosions at major urban sites. Effect not unlike The Road or On the Beach Deliberate Environmental Warfare (targe8ng the enemy’s environment broadly and not just his popula8on and possessions) Scorched‐Earth Policies Since ancient 8mes, the prac8ce of destroying all assets of an enemy including their food, water, and energy security. Sherman’s March to the Sea during American Civil War. Firebombing using napalm or other incendiary agents. Extreme cases ‐‐ Firestorms caused by massive firebombing of ci8es during WW II: Dresden Germany (Feb. 13 1945, 50,000 dead, “Slaughterhouse Five”), Tokyo (March 9, 1945, 120,000 dead). 1991 Gulf War, Iraq set Kuwai8 Oil Fields Afire...
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