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Unformatted text preview: (20 in service) – 16 bombs in the 100 kt to 1 Mt yield range •  Minuteman III missile (450 in service) – range 6000 miles, 1 warhead 300 kt yield Types of Nuclear Weapons •  Fission Bomb – spliXng of 235U or 239Pu nuclei •  Fusion (Hydrogen) Bomb – Fission Explosion Fuses 2H (deuterium) and/or 3H (tri8um) •  Boosted – Tri8um and deuterium are injected into fission core used to enhance fission yield •  Neutron Bomb – Enhanced radia8on weapon – Less blast, kills people by neutron radia8on while buildings might be spared •  Salted Bomb – Fission bomb or fusion encased in natural cobalt (59Co). Detona8on converts cobalt into highly radioac8ve 60Co with a half‐life of 5.3 years. Several hundred tons of 60Co, dispersed into the atmosphere and you might have the scenario in Nevil Shite’s “On the Beach”. How Nuclear Weapons Kill •  Ka‐boom: Heat, Blast, Flash •  Penetra8ng Radia8on: X‐ray and Gamma, Neutrons •  Fallout: Unstable fission products and irradiated bomb components (e.g., 60Co) •  Climate Effects: Nuclear Winter – Soot from fires caused by detona8on of 100’s or 1000’s...
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