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Business Law I Fall 2006 Midterm Exam Regrade Policy The grading guidelines posted here constitute the answer key used by the graders in evaluating your midterm exam. As with the papers, it is not the only answer nor does it represent the typical exam written by a student in the class. Use it as a study aid and as a guideline in preparing for the final exam. To make it easier to calculate exam grades, a point allocation scale was to be used by the graders to convert from letter to numerical grades. You should look at that scale [also posted here] to see what letter grade the TA assigned to your answer. Note that for the MULTIPLE CHOICE questions, your raw score was converted. 7 out of 7 correct 35 pts or A+ 6 out of 7 correct 34 pts or A 5 out of 7 correct 32 pts or B+ 4 out of 7 correct 31 pts or B 3 out of 7 correct 30 pts or B- 2 out of 7 correct 29 pts or C+ 1 out of 7 correct 28 pts or C 0 out of 7 correct 24 pts or D-
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Unformatted text preview: If you wish to have your midterm grade reviewed, please write up some brief notes about your concerns and leave your exam with me before or after class, or leave it in my mailbox in 105 Warren. Please do this by 3:00 p.m. on Monday, November 20. In reviewing your paper, I [not the TAs] will evaluate the entire exam based on the LETTER grade you received for the test, not just one or two questions that you may feel were graded incorrectly or a few places where you may feel you were entitled to extra points. Only if the overall LETTER grade appears to be low will your exam grade be adjusted. WARNING: If I think that the grader was overly generous in grading your test, your exam grade can be LOWERED. Therefore it is important to review the grading answer key carefully before submitting your paper for a re-grade. NO RE-GRADES WILL BE CONSIDERED AFTER NOVEMBER 20 under any circumstances. ....
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