Chapter 14 and 15 Review ~ Jason

Chapter 14 and 15 Review ~ Jason - Chapter Fourteen:...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter Fourteen: Employment and Labor Laws Fair Labor Standards Act Minimum Wage - $5.15 Overtime More then 40 hours 1.5 times regular rate Time off (Comp Time) Retirement Plans Protects benefits after reasonable length of employment Protects workers in case of closing Defined Benefits Company at risk Defined Contribution You are at risk (company stocks) Employment-at-will Employer or employee can end employment at any time Exceptions Prohibition Refused to violate laws Discharge of public obligation (jury duty) Discharge for whistle blowing Discharge for exercising legal rights Substance Abuse in the Workplace 13.6 % have been addicted to alcohol at some point 8% are alcoholics 5 to 10% involved in illegal drugs 1 in 6 suffer from substance abuse Drug-Free Workplace Act Applies to companies with at least $25,000 of business with federal government Published policy statement Establish/make known availability of drug awareness program Require employees to notify of any drug related convictions Clayton Act 1914 Strengthen Anti-trust laws Exempted Union Activity from antitrust laws Railway Labor Act 1926 Created National Mediation Board 60-day cool off period Norris-LaGuardia Act 1932 Prohibited yellow-dog contracts Federal Courts can’t issue injunctions in nonviolent labor disputes Insure right to strike, picket, quit work, etc. Wagner Act 1935 Created National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) Right of workers to unionize Created National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) 5 members appointed by President with help from General Counsel...
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Chapter 14 and 15 Review ~ Jason - Chapter Fourteen:...

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