Chapter 14 and 15 Review

Chapter 14 and 15 Review - CHAPTER 14 AND 15 REVIEW Fair...

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C HAPTER 14 AND 15 R EVIEW Fair Labor Standards Act Minimum wage - $5.15 Maximum hours before overtime More than 40 hours/week get overtime (1.5 times regular rate) Time off (comp time) Retirement Plans Defined benefit (DB) Company has risk Defined contribution (DC) You take market risk. Protects workers even in event of closing Employment-at-will Employers can hire and fire who they want Can’t fire for these reasons: Prohibited Refusing to violate laws Discharge of public obligation (jury duty) Discharge for whistle-blowing Discharge for exercising legal rights (workers compensation) Drug Free Workplace Act Requires companies of $25,000 worth of business with federal government Published policy statement Establish drug awareness program Make known availability of program Require employees to notify employers of drug-related convictions Clayton Act Strengthen Antitrust Act Exempted union activity from antitrust laws Railway Labor Act Collective bargaining Created national mediation board 60 day cool off period Norris La-Guardia Outlawed yellow-dog Can’t issue injunctions for picketing, striking, quit work
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Chapter 14 and 15 Review - CHAPTER 14 AND 15 REVIEW Fair...

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