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Reflection - how to live our lives Atman is the Jain view...

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Scott Salhanick February 6, 2008 Religions of Asia Question #1 A soul is an ineffable entity that is the reason we have a personality, morality, and the ability to make the decisions that define us as a person . There is no essence and no small voice within our bodies that tells us to do something, it is just sense of what we are supposed to do and how we are supposed to act . Contrary to popular belief, our soul is not there to tell us what to do, when to do it, and why, our soul is there to be a guide on
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Unformatted text preview: how to live our lives . Atman is the Jain view of how we have an essence within us that is bigger than worldly existence . The difference between atman and jiva is that atman is a discussion of the soul and jiva is the discussion of the survival of physical death . Our soul is our life force; however, it is not a true entity ....
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