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Chapter 1 Quiz - Question 1 Both Rogers and Maslow believe...

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Question 1 Both Rogers and Maslow believe people are not masters of their own destiny people have a basic need to fulfill their potential for personal growth human behavior is largely determined by primitive sexual urges human behavior is shaped by environmental events Question 2 Which of the following is NOT good advice for getting more out of lectures? ask questions during the lecture try to record the lecturer's comments verbatim when the material is especially complex, read ahead on the topic to be covered in class during the lecture, try to anticipate what's coming next and search for deeper meanings Question 3 Which of the following is not good advice for developing sound study habits? find a place to study where you can concentrate set up a schedule for studying avoid taking study breaks while studying reward yourself for studying Question 4 Dr. Yang is studying pain perception. She argues that we can only understand the conscious experience of pain if we first understand the role of pain in human survival and adaptation. Which early school of psychology is Dr. Yang's views most like? structuralism behaviorism functionalism humanism Question 5 Which of the following would NOT be expected of an experimental psychologist? to study the effects of reward on learning to examine the relationship between sleep deprivation and task performance to conduct psychotherapy to study the factors that motivate behavior Question 6 Taken as a whole, the text's review of the early "schools" of psychology best reflects which one unifying theme in psychology? people’s experience of the world is highly subjective psychology is theoretically diverse behavior is shaped by cultural heritage heredity and environment jointly influence behavior Question 7 As the result of a breakdown in communication, morale is low among employees in a local factory. A(n) ____ would be most likely to be helpful in restoring communication and improving morale. social psychologist educational psychologist
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industrial/organizational psychologist clinical psychologist Question 8 Which of the following did not have a significant influence on the development of Freud's theory? knowledge gained as a result of working with patients the results of his experimental research knowledge gained from his examination of his own anxieties, conflicts, and desires his observation of the slips of the tongue people tend to make Question 9 Which of the following sounds least like the work of an applied psychologist? finding ways to teach learning disabled children studying basic learning processes in rats treating someone with a phobia looking for ways to increase efficiency in an organization Question 10 When Watson claimed "Give me a dozen healthy infants. .." he was arguing that behavior is strongly influenced by heredity factors environmental factors cultural factors subjective factors
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Chapter 1 Quiz - Question 1 Both Rogers and Maslow believe...

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