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Political Science Notes3

Political Science Notes3 - b Cloture D Conference Committee...

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Political Science Notes: I. Legislative Process A. Identical version of bill has to be passed by both chambers AND signed by President (unless 2/3 vote to override) B. Process i. Intro ii. Committee Assignment (leadership) a) Subcommittee b) Committee iii. House: Rules Comm./ Senate: Majority Leader a) Set schedule/ rules for debate in full chamber C. Full chamber debate i. House: Structured, limits ii. Senate: unstructured a) Filibuster
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Unformatted text preview: b) Cloture D. Conference Committee E. Back to full chambers F. President II. Legislative Behavior A. Party i. Party cohesion ii. support varies with leadership quality; varies on issue (civil rights in 1960s) B. Reelection i. Constituents a) Constituents pay little attention to most issues BUT reelection is important motivator C. Ideology D. Strategy i. Colleagues a) Cues b) Log rolling...
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